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The Everyday Set

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The Large Deep Dish

Feeds 3-4
Great for rice & grains, one-dish meals, soups
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The Large Shallow Dish

Feeds 3-4
Great for meat, fish & seafood, vegetables
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The Medium Deep Dish

Feeds 1-2
Great for vegetables, sides, dips
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The Medium Shallow Dish

Feeds 1-2
Great for eggs, desserts, vegetables
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The Small Dish

Feeds 1
Great for reheating leftovers, snacks, and desserts
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What others are saying

"Honestly magical. Looks like a beautiful serving dish, cooks like a five-star chef — all in the microwave."

Samuel B.

"Chug the kool-aid, this is the real deal kitchen tool I never knew I needed."

Paul S.

"Not to be dramatic, but these dishes solved all of my cooking, storing, and cleaning problems."

Kayleen R.

"6 minutes and boom! Delicious, vibrant, tasty veggies!"

Stephanie G.

"TOTAL GAME CHANGER. My mind is blown."

Hui L. R.

"Within a day, I was obsessed. Imagine executing wonderfully cooked steamed dishes using your stovetop... but in the microwave, with half the time; that’s the Anyday dish."

Richard T.