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4-Piece Starter Set

Whether you're super hesitant to start cooking in the microwave, have very minimal space in your kitchen, are flying solo, and/or simply want to prepare smaller portions at a time, The Medium Starter Set is a great place to start.

This set includes the Medium Deep Dish and the Medium Shallow Dish— both of which will give you the flexibility to make virtually every single recipe on our site in portions for 1-2 people. Be forewarned, though, that it is highly likely that you fall in love with Anyday and will want to complete your set down the road!

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4-Piece Starter Set


An occasion for every dish

The Large Deep Dish

To make larger quantities of grains, one-pot meals, veggies, mashed potatoes, or soups, the Large Deep Dish is the way to go.

The Large Shallow Dish

The Large Shallow is perfect for cooking long, flat veggies, proteins like chicken or fish, and making crispy bacon.

The Medium Deep Dish

Reach for the Medium Deep Dish to cook main dishes, side dishes, desserts, and sauces for households of 1-2 people.

The Medium Shallow Dish

Use the Medium Shallow Dish to make poached eggs, steamed egg custard, side dishes, desserts, personal dips, and more.

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