Thanksgiving classics.
Made in the microwave with Anyday.

Give your oven and stove a break this year. We've developed Thanksgiving recipes that are borderline magic — they're just as good, if not better, and faster, when made with Anyday's microwave cookware.

The reviews are in

“Everything has come out AMAZING. So fast, so easy....sooooo surprising. Best thing I’ve bought in a very long time!!”

- Allison D.

“I’ve always been a snob about microwaves, but these dishes are a game changer. I’m a convert.”

- Jassy T.

“We will use these forever. They have legitimately changed the way I use my kitchen.”

- Markie H.

“One of my top kitchen purchases! Frees up my usage of the oven and stovetop”

- Michelle A.

"TOTAL GAME CHANGER. My mind is blown."

Hui L. R.

"Within a day, I was obsessed. Imagine executing wonderfully cooked steamed dishes using your stovetop... but in the microwave, with half the time; that’s the Anyday dish."

Richard T.