Thanksgiving classics.
Made in the microwave with Anyday.

Give your oven and stove a break this year. We've developed Thanksgiving recipes that are borderline magic — they're just as good, if not better, and faster, when made with Anyday's microwave cookware.

The reviews are in

“Everything has come out AMAZING. So fast, so easy....sooooo surprising. Best thing I’ve bought in a very long time!!”

- Allison D.

“I’ve always been a snob about microwaves, but these dishes are a game changer. I’m a convert.”

- Jassy T.

“We will use these forever. They have legitimately changed the way I use my kitchen.”

- Markie H.

“One of my top kitchen purchases! Frees up my usage of the oven and stovetop”

- Michelle A.

"TOTAL GAME CHANGER. My mind is blown."

Hui L. R.

"Within a day, I was obsessed. Imagine executing wonderfully cooked steamed dishes using your stovetop... but in the microwave, with half the time; that’s the Anyday dish."

Richard T.

Frequently asked questions

Is the metal on the lid safe to use in the microwave?

Yes, you can put our metal in the microwave! We’ve designed the stainless steel in our lids to be 100% microwave-safe due to its smooth, curved shape. Read more about the science behind this in our blog post!

What’s so special about the Anyday dishes?

The splatter-proof and silicone-rimmed glass lid keeps the steam in the dish when you're cooking, which makes your food moist and delicious! The circulating steam also helps your food cook more evenly. Trapping moisture is critical for microwave cooking — otherwise, the moisture in your food will evaporate, leading to dry, rubbery food. No one wants that!

The lid also has a knob that vents the excess steam when it's lifted (that's why our recipes tell you to lift the knob to cook)! Don't worry if you forget — we've designed the silicone rim on the lid to be flexible enough so that it safely and gently pushes up if the pressure in the dish gets too high. The knob also pushes down flat for stackable storage.

The bowl is made out of frosted borosilicate glass, so it's extra durable and thermal-shock resistant to handle large temperature fluctuations without cracking. The glass is designed in an angled shape that allows for easy handling, and the frosted finish makes the dish go seamlessly from microwave to dinner party to dishwasher.

Is microwave cooking good for you?

Yes! According to Harvard Health, “the cooking method that best retains nutrients is one that cooks quickly, heats food for the shortest amount of time, and uses as little liquid as possible.” Microwave cooking checks all of those boxes. Microwaves quickly heat the water molecules in food (rather than around it), preserving nutrient loss to heat, time, and cooking liquid compared to conventional methods.