How to Microwave Spinach

// How to Microwave Spinach

Prep Time

1 min

Cook Time

1-2 mins

Free Time

turn green with envy

The best and fastest way to cook spinach? The microwave, of course! Steam will preserve both the vibrant color and nutritional benefits of this leafy green. Season it with salt, or incorporate it into dishes like soups, omelets, pasta, and more.

Make sure to pack fresh spinach leaves tightly into the Anyday as the leaves will wilt down into a concentrated dish. Using a larger Anyday dish (like the Extra Large dish) will guarantee more servings of this super green.

All of Anyday’s recipes are tested (and retested!) in many different microwaves and home kitchens to make sure they work — and work well.

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What You’ll Need

What You’ll Need

The Medium Deep Dish

The best dish for 1-2 portions of grains, veggies, mac and cheese, ramen, and more.

The Medium Shallow Dish

Look no further for making poached eggs, desserts, dips, and small portions of meat or fish.

The Anyhand Mitts

Handle hot Anyday dishes with care with these microwave mitts that double as trivets!
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3 cups fresh baby spinach

Select your microwave wattage in the dropdown. The cook times in this recipe will automatically change accordingly.


To find your microwave’s wattage, look at the front panel, the side of the door, in the back, in the user manual, or Google the model number. If both an input and output wattage are listed, use the output.

Wattage translates to how powerful the microwave is. The higher the wattage, the faster your food will cook. The lower the wattage, the longer the cook time.

When in doubt, start with less time — you can always add more.

Microwave oven by power - 1100w



The Medium Deep Dish


  • 3 cups (65g) fresh baby spinach
  • salt and pepper, optional and to taste


  1. Add the spinach to the Anyday and season with salt and pepper. Make sure to pack in the spinach since it drastically reduces in volume as it cooks.
  2. Cover with the lid (knob lifted).
  3. Cook in the microwave for 1-2 minutes, or until the spinach is tender.

Serving suggestions & tips

  • Add to scrambled eggs for extra veggies.
  • Stir into cooked pasta or rice for a quick lunch.
  • Mix with sour cream, cayenne, and chopped water chestnuts, for a quick spinach dip.

Recipe notes

  • Rinse spinach thoroughly to remove any grit or dirt.
  • Add olive oil, butter, or brown butter for extra flavor.
  • For frozen spinach, follow the directions in this recipe.
  • Fresh bundles of mature spinach can also be used in this recipe! The stems will steam evenly; there’s no need to remove them.
  • Microwave ovens vary, even with the same wattages. Adjust cooking times as needed.

Microwave Match Up: Spinach

See for yourself— microwaving spinach is simply faster, start to finish.

Appliance Cook Time
Microwave in an Anyday dish 1-2 mins
Stovetop* 4-5 mins
Instant Pot (Pressure Cooker)* 15 mins
*Includes preheat time

All You Need to Know About Microwaving Fresh Spinach

How long does take to cook fresh spinach in the microwave?

Ingredient Cook Time
3 cups fresh baby spinach 1-2 mins
6 cups fresh baby spinach 2-3 mins
9 cups fresh baby spinach 3-4 mins
12 cups fresh baby spinach 3-4 mins
Cook time calculated for 1100w microwave

It typically takes around 1-2 minutes for fresh spinach to cook in the microwave. To tell when the spinach is ready, look for glossy, tender leaves. You can also test it by biting into a small piece; the spinach should be tender, but not mushy.

How to cook frozen spinach in the microwave?

Microwaving frozen spinach is an easy and convenient alternative to fresh spinach! Place frozen spinach leaves in an Anyday, cover with the lid, and microwave until tender. If using frozen chopped spinach from a block, you may need to stir halfway through the cooking process to break up the spinach. This will help the vegetable cook more evenly.

How to freeze microwaved spinach?

First, cook the spinach in the microwave and allow the wilted greens to come to room temperature. Pack the greens into the 1/2 Cup Anytime Freezer Trays, cover with the lid, and freeze for up to 3 months. Add a frozen portion to soups, stews, pastas, and more!

Is it better to boil or steam spinach?

Steaming is one of the best cooking methods for preserving nutrients, including water-soluble vitamins, which are sensitive to heat and water. Steaming spinach can help preserve the folate content in spinach, a B-vitamin crucial for a healthy diet. Spinach will lose a lot of its nutrients when boiled.