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A Dozen Cousins

People Making Waves Pantry Partner Pantry Partner: A Dozen Cousins

The ultimate Pantry Partner, A Dozen Cousins' smart shortcuts will save you on those days when you're in a pinch and need a good-tasting, good for you meal— fast.  Do your future self a favor and stock your pantry full of A Dozen Cousins microwaveable bean and bone-broth rice pouches so that you can enjoy authentic Creole, Caribbean, and Latin American flavors on the fly. 



With a set of Anyday dishes, a microwave, and a pantry full of A Dozen Cousins ingredients, consider yourself set up for success. Keep scrolling to learn how to make microwave versions of A Dozen Cousins' Chickpea and Potato Curry, Cuban Black Beans and Rice, and Spanish-Style Seafood Rice in your Anyday dishes. Plus, be sure to add A Dozen Cousins ingredients to your cart directly from the recipes!