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People Making Waves Pantry Partner Pantry Partner: Momofuku

Meet our very first Pantry Partner: Momofuku! Founded by Chef David Chang, this line of restaurant-quality seasonings, condiments, and dried noodles is a home cook's fast track to flavor. And you know we're big fans of anything that's fast... 


Because these pantry products are on constant rotation in our kitchens, we teamed up with Momofuku to adapt three of their noodle recipes to the microwave (which might just be our most highly requested recipes from the Anyday Community....ever). Fast and easy dried noodles made even easier? Don't mind if we do!


Keep scrolling to learn now to make microwave versions of Momofuku Miso Cacio e Pepe Noodles, Momofuku Spicy Soy Shrimp Noodles, and Momofuku Tangy Chili Pork Noodles in your Anyday dishes.