How to Microwave Carrots

// How to Microwave Carrots

Prep Time

4 mins

Cook Time

4-5 mins

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Looking for a quick and nutritious side dish? Cook carrots in the microwave! Carrots are a versatile fan-favorite veggie that can easily complement a main dish, stand on their own as a side, or blend into dips and spreads. The best part about microwaving carrots is the natural sweetness that comes out after a few minutes in the microwave. Using an Anyday microwave-safe dish makes sure that the carrots' natural flavors and vital nutrients stay locked into every bite.

Anyday dishes are built for cooking from scratch in the microwave, freeing up time.

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What You’ll Need

What You’ll Need

The Small Dish

This dish’s superpower is evenly heating leftovers and cooking small portions.

The Medium Deep Dish

The best dish for 1-2 portions of grains, veggies, mac and cheese, ramen, and more.

The Medium Shallow Dish

Look no further for making poached eggs, desserts, dips, and small portions of meat or fish.

The Anyhand Mitts

Handle hot Anyday dishes with care with these microwave mitts that double as trivets!
Try Anyday

Select your serving size and microwave wattage in the dropdown. The recipe will change accordingly.

1 cup chopped carrots

Select your microwave wattage in the dropdown. The cook times in this recipe will automatically change accordingly.


To find your microwave’s wattage, look at the front panel, the side of the door, in the back, in the user manual, or Google the model number. If both an input and output wattage are listed, use the output.

Wattage translates to how powerful the microwave is. The higher the wattage, the faster your food will cook. The lower the wattage, the longer the cook time.

When in doubt, start with less time — you can always add more.

Microwave oven by power - 700w



The Small Dish


  • 1 cup (120g) chopped carrots
  • 1 tablespoon water


  1. Peel carrots and cut into 1” pieces.
  2. Place in an Anyday dish with the water and cover with the lid (knob lifted).
  3. Cook in the microwave for 4-5 minutes, or until the carrots are tender.

Serving suggestions & tips

  • Dill yogurt: Mix with a scoop of greek yogurt, chopped dill, and olive oil.
  • Nutty hummus: Mix with a scoop of hummus, toasted cashews, and thinly sliced raw swiss chard.
  • Honey chipotle: Mix with room-temperature butter, honey, and chipotle adobo.
  • Fall-inspired: Mix with maple syrup, toasted pecans, and ground cinnamon.

Recipe notes

  • Season with salt for extra flavorful carrots.
  • Use bone broth or stock to cook carrots for extra flavor.
  • Microwave ovens vary, even with the same wattages. Adjust cooking times as needed.

Step-by-Step: Microwaving Carrots

Slice the carrots and add them to the Anyday

Add some water and cover with the lid (knob lifted).

Cook in the microwave.

Carrots are done when fork tender.

All You Need to Know About Microwaving Carrots

How long does it take to cook carrots in the microwave?

Ingredient Water Cook Time
1 cup (120g) chopped carrots 1 tablespoon water 4-5 mins
3 cups (360g) chopped carrots 1 tablespoon water 10-11 mins
6 cups (780g) chopped carrots 2 tablespoons water 12 mins
8 cups (960g) chopped carrots 2 tablespoons water 14-15 mins
Cook time calculated for 700w microwave

It typically takes around 4-5 minutes for a cup of carrots to cook in the microwave. To tell when carrots are cooked through, look for steam coming off of the carrots and a bright orange hue. You can also test it by piercing a carrot with a fork: it should be tender but not mushy.

What is the healthiest way to cook carrots?

Steaming is the healthiest way to cook carrots in the microwave because it helps the vegetable retain essential nutrients like vitamins A and C. Unlike boiling, steaming minimizes nutrient loss by keeping all of the goodness locked into the carrots.

Can you cook baby carrots in the microwave?

Yes! You can cook baby carrots in the microwave with a few caveats. Baby carrots are processed carrots, making them inconsistent in texture and taste. You can try cooking the carrots as directed, but you might add 1-2 minutes of extra cooking time. Baby carrots may never get totally tender, especially in the center, but will soften.

How to microwave frozen carrots?

Microwaving frozen carrots is a breeze! Most frozen carrots are par-cooked before they’re packaged, but they still need to thaw and heat through. Place them in an Anyday with some water, cover them with the lid, and microwave for the indicated time, or until heated through. Frozen carrots are a great meal prep hack, offering extra vegetables without taking up precious produce drawer space.

How to freeze microwaved carrots?

To freeze microwaved carrots, first, cook them in the microwave as indicated, then let them cool completely. Store cooked carrots in the 1/2 cup Anytime Freezer Tray, or in an airtight container or freezer bag and freeze for up to 1 month.

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