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At Anyday, we are committed to making cooking easier and faster. We do this primarily through our products, designed to cook delicious food quickly with the help of your microwave. However, we're not stopping there. Brace yourself for a game-changer: Our Anyday Test Kitchen is crafting meal plans that take you from a grocery list to a tantalizing dinner on your kitchen table every night of the week.

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Why is the Anyday Test Kitchen’s approach to meal prepping so different? We've harnessed the magic of microwaves to cook food lightning-fast.
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The Parent


Goodbye, dinner dread! Make fast, easy, hands-off meals for your kids by harnessing the abilities of your microwave and freezer.
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Meal Plan:

Kids & Babies

Scrambling to cook for your little ones? This microwave-friendly meal plan offers quick and nutritious recipes to feed babies and toddlers on the fly.
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Browse easy microwave recipes for babies and toddlers!
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