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Need quick and healthy meals for your little ones? Try our easy, microwave-friendly weeknight meal plan for babies and toddlers.


We understand the parent struggle: You have to feed your kids every day. Multiple times a day. That’s a lot of meals! Plus, your kids need variety in flavor, texture, and nutrition for them to develop healthy bodies and attitudes towards eating. So…no pressure?


We’re here to help. Anyday’s dishes allow you to whip up fast, delicious, and healthy food in a hands-off fashion, but we want to go one step further: We want to plan out your week of meals so you can grocery shop, prep, cook, and feed your kids on autopilot. Our tips for prepping ahead are designed to make mealtime easy, allowing for more time spent making memories at the table. 


One week of toddler meals in under 90 minutes

This menu is meant to serve as a guide to feed one child or toddler throughout the week, plus some leftovers.


Here’s how it works: We’ll give you a shopping list for the week’s worth of meals. You’ll have one prep day (maybe a Sunday!) where you’ll cook for about 90 minutes, which will keep your day-of cooking super fast. Then, no meal will take you longer than 10 minutes the day-of.


Use the menu below as a guide, and read on for prep-ahead tips and serving suggestions. Looking for more resources on microwaving food for your kids? See our guide on How to Microwave Food for Babies & Toddlers.


Sound good? Let’s go!


Please consult your pediatrician when following a meal plan, and consider your child’s preferences and any potential allergens when preparing the recipes.


How to use this meal plan

Our Meal Plans feature 10 easy microwave recipes that are designed to save you as much time as possible. Make sure to follow directions for the single serving for each recipe listed below, unless listed otherwise.


Step 1: Get the goods: The Parent Set

Step 2: Check out the week's meal plan at a glance

Step 3: Download the shopping list

Step 4: Let's cook!


Have any questions about microwave meal plans or recipes? Reach out Test Kitchen team at


Use this table to get a sense for what you’ll be serving each day. Feel free to move recipes around, or substitute recipes that suit your kids’ tastes, preferences, and dietary restrictions.


Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Mon Egg Bites
Broccoli Cheddar Soup
Veggie Tots + Rotisserie Chicken
Tue Ready to Reheat Oatmeal + Fruit
Egg Bites + Potato
Creamy Mac and Cheese Broccoli
Egg Bites
Chicken Chili + Broccoli

Chicken Pot Pie

Ready to Reheat Oatmeal + Fruit
Creamy Mac and Cheese

Chicken Chili + Sweet Potatoes

Egg Bites
Veggie Tots
Broccoli Cheddar Soup


 Click here to download the shopping list 

Recipes & Prep Plan