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It may almost be fall, but the summer weather is still here. The last thing we want is to turn our kitchens into saunas by firing up the oven or stove. Enter our "no-cook" meal plan, where we harness late-summer produce and the magic of the microwave to whip up meals in no time! (We know you're still technically cooking – just not in the traditional sense!)


With prime summer produce, there’s little need for elaborate accompaniments. Dive into this laid-back menu, featuring 8 time-saving microwave recipes! Savor every last delicious moment of summer without breaking a sweat.


How to use this meal plan

Our Meal Plans feature 7 easy microwave recipes that are designed to save you as much time as possible. Use the menu below as a guide, and read on for prep-ahead tips and serving suggestions.


  • Make sure to follow directions for 2-4 serving when each recipe listed below, unless listed otherwise.
  • Use the ‘Prep Ahead’ steps to make meal planning easy! You can do all of the ‘Prep Ahead’ on one day, like a Sunday afternoon, or take it day by day.
  • Download the Shopping List
  • Note: This Meal Planner only requires you to cook in the microwave! We’ve included a few optional steps for finishing proteins on the grill.

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Your week at a glance:

Use this menu to get a sense for what you’ll be serving each day. Feel free to move recipes around, or substitute recipes that suit your family’s tastes, preferences, and dietary restrictions.


Monday: Cajun Shrimp Sandwiches

Serve Buttery New Orleans BBQ Shrimp inside a split baguette with mayonnaise and lettuce leaves. Serve with a fresh salad on the side.

Cook Time: 20 mins


Tuesday: Chicken Picnic

Pick up a rotisserie or fried chicken from your local deli. Serve with Creamy Corn Spoonbread, coleslaw, and sliced fresh watermelon.

Cook Time: 9 mins


Wednesday: Honey Mustard Chicken Wings

Serve Honey Mustard Chicken Wings with potato salad and fresh salad or leftover sliced watermelon.

Cook Time: 14 mins


Thursday: Cajun Shrimp Boil

Serve Cajun Shrimp Boil alongside freshly steamed green beans tossed with lemon, olive oil, salt, and pepper.

Cook Time: 7 mins


Friday: Fish Friday

Chop cold, cooked green beans into bite-sized pieces with a bright Italian vinaigrette and garnish with sliced almonds. Serve with Olive Oil Poached Salmon and store-bought garlic bread.

Cook Time: 20 mins

A Week of “No Cook" Recipes