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When leaves start to turn and there's a hint of pumpkin-spice-everything in the air, our minds zoom straight to Thanksgiving. But wait — reality check! Remember the juggling act in the kitchen? The Olympic-level coordination of oven, stove, and counter space? Before you have a panic attack, pause and glance over at your kitchen’s unsung hero: your trusty microwave.


Yes, the microwave! More than just a reheating tool, this appliance is your secret weapon for a hassle-free Thanksgiving. Here's why:


  1. Speed: Most microwave recipes cut cooking time by more than half compared to conventional methods. This means you can get your dishes on the table faster and enjoy more quality time with your loved ones.
  2. Efficiency: The compact nature of the microwave ensures that you're using less energy than firing up your stove or oven. An eco-friendly and budget-friendly choice!
  3. Space-saving: With oven space at a premium during Thanksgiving, using the microwave frees up crucial real estate, ensuring your turkey and pies get the undivided attention they deserve.

This Thanksgiving, while we're surrounded by tradition, it's also an opportunity to sprinkle in some modern magic. Why stick to traditional methods when many Thanksgiving dishes are just as delicious when cooked in the microwave? Who knows — one of these speedy sides or desserts could be the unexpected star of your holiday.


Get the Tools

We all know that when it comes to cooking, there's not just the food to think about, but the dreaded cleanup! The big holiday dinner typically ends with a mountain of dishes that linger in the sink for the host to take care of later.


With Anyday, you don’t have to worry about the pile-up of precious serving ware. Anyday dishes were designed for microwave cooking, but they have unique features that make them the ideal for cooking, serving, and storing all in the same dish. The frosted glass offers a sleek and modern serving dish, perfect for the dressed-up Thanksgiving table. After the dinner’s done, simply pop on the lid and store in the fridge for later. There’s no mad dash to transfer leftovers to a ton of mis-matched plastic. Anyday stacks up in the fridge and is ready to reheat for second dinner.


There's a place for every Anyday dish on your Thanksgiving table: 


  • Stuffings, Mashed Potatoes, and Grains: Opt for the Large Deep dishes. They keep these items warm, and their compact shape allows for more items at the table.
  • Sauces and Gravies: Depending on your group size, use the Medium Deep dishes for larger gatherings or the Small Dish for more intimate gatherings. Their leak-proof lids not only prevent spills but also keep sauces warm without that unsightly skin on top.
  • Casseroles and Sides: Consider using the Large or Medium Shallow dishes, depending on your portion size. Their flatter surface ensures even cooking and makes them easy to pass around the table.
  • Proteins: Even if you're not roasting a whole turkey, the Large Shallow Dish is perfect for presenting ham or turkey pieces without worrying about drips and juices spoiling the tablecloth.


Ready to cook? Get the recipes for every Thanksgiving dish made in the microwave:

Thanksgiving Microwave Side Dish Recipes