Microwave Hamburger

//cookanyday.com/cdn/shop/files/Anyday_Photos_Recipes_HamburgerCheeseburger_1040_360x.webp?v=1719344185 Quickly steamed hamburger patties made in the glass Anyday dish, featuring a juicy burger patty steamed to perfection. This method ensures a flavorful and tender burger, ideal for a quick and delicious meal with minimal cleanup.

Prep Time

2 mins

Cook Time

3-4 mins

Free Time

to look up Ted’s Restaurant in Connecticut

Inspired by the famous steamed burger from Ted’s Restaurant in Connecticut, this microwave cheeseburger recipe is a game-changer. Steaming the patty is a unique method that melts away excess fat and lets the toppings shine. Microwaving is a great way to reduce splatter and avoid smoking out of your kitchen. Plus, it’s way easier than traditional steaming, which needs a pot, basket, and lid. Enjoy all the flavors with less hassle!

For the best results, grab fresh patties from your local butcher—they know their stuff! Season your meat to your liking, with liquid smoke, Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, and your favorite spices. If you want a crispy exterior with a juicy inside, just give your steamed burger a quick sear in a pan to finish. Note that If you use lean meat, your patty will stay big and juicy, while fattier blends will shrink a bit but give you a melt-in-your-mouth feel.

All of Anyday’s recipes are tested (and retested!) in many different microwave and home kitchens to make sure they work—, and work well. Unless specified otherwise, all recipes should be cooked at full power.

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What You’ll Need

What You’ll Need

The Medium Shallow Dish

Look no further for making poached eggs, desserts, dips, and small portions of meat or fish.

The Anyhand Mitts

Handle hot Anyday dishes with care with these microwave mitts that double as trivets!
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Select your serving size and microwave wattage in the dropdown. The recipe will change accordingly.

1 patty

Select your microwave wattage in the dropdown. The cook times in this recipe will automatically change accordingly.


To find your microwave’s wattage, look at the front panel, the side of the door, in the back, in the user manual, or Google the model number. If both an input and output wattage are listed, use the output.

Wattage translates to how powerful the microwave is. The higher the wattage, the faster your food will cook. The lower the wattage, the longer the cook time.

When in doubt, start with less time — you can always add more.

Microwave oven by power - 700w



The Medium Shallow Dish


  • 1 (5oz- 148g) fresh burger patty
  • ½ teaspoon vegetable oil
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • sliced cheese
  • lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, or any toppings of your choosing


  1. Season the patty with salt and pepper. Coat the bottom of the Anyday dish with a small amount of oil and place the patty/patties in the dish (It’s OK if they overlap slightly.) Cover with the lid (knob lifted).
  2. Cook in the microwave at Power Level 6tooltip for 3-4 minutes, or until the meat is cooked to your liking. For a more well-done burger, add 1-2 minutes at the same power level.
  3. Drain off any extra moisture from the steaming process. Add toppings like cheese, cooked mushrooms, or onions. Heat for an additional 10-20 seconds, then serve as desired.

Serving suggestions & tips

  • Classic cheeseburger: Top your cooked burger patty with a slice of cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and your favorite condiments, then sandwich it between a soft bun.
  • Bacon avocado burger: Top with crispy bacon strips, sliced avocado, lettuce, tomato, and a dollop of mayonnaise.
  • Mushroom Swiss burger: Top with this delicious savory mushrooms and melted Swiss cheese.
  • Caramelized onion and blue cheese: Top your burger with caramelized onions, and some crumbled blue cheese. Serve it on a toasted bun or over a bed of greens for a lighter option.

Recipe notes

  • You’ll notice that moisture is produced during the cooking process. This is because the steam accumulates in the Anyday dish. Simply drain it off and enjoy!
  • The patty might rise up in the center during the steaming process. This is normal.
  • For frozen patties, see the cook time suggestions in the chart below.
  • If you desire a crispy exterior, place the cooked burger on a hot cast iron or grill for a few seconds per side.
  • Microwave ovens vary, even with the same wattages. Adjust cooking times as needed.

All You Need to Know About Microwaving Hamburger

Can I microwave a hamburger?

Ingredient Power Level Cook Time for Fresh Patties Cook Times for Frozen Patties
1 fresh burger patty 6 3- 4 mins 5-6 mins
2 fresh burger patties 6 6-7 mins 8-10 mins
Cook time calculated for 700w microwave

Yes, you can microwave a cheeseburger, and it's super easy with an Anyday dish! Season your patty, place it in an Anyday dish with a bit of oil, and cover with the vented lid. Microwave at the desired power level until the meat is cooked to your liking. Add cheese and other toppings, then give it a quick heat for 10-20 seconds. This method reduces splatter and smoke, making it a hassle-free way to enjoy a juicy, flavorful cheeseburger.

How long does it take to cook burgers in the microwave?

The microwave cooking time for a burger varies depending on size or if the meat is fresh or is a frozen patty, but as a general guideline, it takes 3-4 minutes to cook 1 burger. Factors like quantity, microwave wattage, and desired texture play a role. For the best results, start with the lower time range and add more time as needed.

Steaming is a unique method that lets all your toppings shine while melting away the excess fat. While grilling and pan-frying are conventional approaches, steaming provides even heat distribution, which preserves moisture and results in tender, succulent patties. The popularity of steamed burgers, exemplified by Ted’s restaurant in Connecticut, proves why this technique deserves our attention.  Whether enjoyed at renowned eateries or prepared at home, steamed burgers offer a flavorful alternative for burger enthusiasts seeking moist and flavorful patties.

Why is there liquid in my dish after cooking the burger?

Excess liquid in your dish after cooking the burger is a result of steam accumulation during the cooking process. As the burger cooks, liquid is released from the meat and gathers on the lid. This is normal and does not affect the burger's quality. In fact, it helps keep the patty juicy and flavorful.

Why do I need to lower the power level?

Lowering the power level when cooking ensures that the meat doesn't shrink excessively, resulting in a juicier and more tender texture compared to cooking at full power. By steaming the meat more gently, lower power levels help retain moisture and enhance tenderness. However, if you're pressed for time, cooking patties at full power is also an option, though opting for lower power levels is recommended for optimal juiciness and flavor retention.

Can I cook different varieties of burgers in the microwave?

Yes, most types of patties can be cooked in the microwave including beef, turkey, and even plant-based meat. While cooking times might slightly vary, the microwave process remains largely the same. This versatility makes burgers a convenient and adaptable choice for microwave cooking.

How do I know when burgers are properly cooked in the microwave?

Burger patties are properly cooked when the meat becomes darker in color and no pink juices are visible. If you're unsure, test a small piece for doneness or use a kitchen thermometer to check if the internal temperature is between 155°F (68°C) and 160°F (71°C). If you plan to finish the patty on the grill or in a pan, aim for the lower end of the temperature range, as the burger will continue to cook once transferred. Remember, microwaves vary, so adjust cooking times accordingly.

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